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Catalog 2021-22

Catalog 2021-22

Music: Keys for Piano Teachers Skills Certificate

Keys for Piano Teachers is designed for current piano teachers or those interested in entering the profession. The program introduces pianists to teaching materials and techniques and provides opportunities to improve their keyboard techniques for piano instruction.  In addition, students are given opportunities to observe children enrolled in group classes on campus. The program provides the opportunity to enroll in a variety of electives such as Music History, Music Technology and non-music courses.

In order to enter Keys for Piano Teachers, each applicant must audition to demonstrate an appropriate level of musicianship. MUSIC 121 Class Piano 1 and MUSIC 104 Basic Materials in Music Theory may help to develop the skills necessary to successfully pass the audition. Contact the Music department for further information.

Students who satisfactorily complete the program requirements, and receive recommendation of the music faculty, qualify for a certificate of program completion.

Applied Music has an added fee.

Not all courses are offered each semester.  Students should work with an academic advisor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students planning to transfer should check the transfer institution’s requirements/guides or discuss their options with an academic advisor. Number of credits may vary depending on the course selection. 

Schoolcraft program code # CRT.00345
Download the Curriculum Guide (PDF)

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