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Associate in Engineering Transfer Degree

Schoolcraft’s Associate of Engineering degree is designed for students who intend to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. It allows the student to establish a strong academic foundation in mathematics and science and complete courses to fulfill general education requirements—all before moving on to a Bachelor’s degree program at another college or university.

  • Civil, chemical, computer systems, electrical, environmental, industrial, and mechanical engineering are among the most popular Bachelor’s degrees, although there are more than 25 recognized specialties.
  • Schoolcraft’s degree can prepare the student for transfer into any engineering specialty.
  • The specific courses required will be determined by the destination college or university and/or the student’s intended major.
  • Students must work with an academic advisor to ensure that their courses transfer.

All courses must be completed with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 or better.

Not all courses are offered each semester.  Students should work with an academic advisor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students planning to transfer should check the transfer institution’s requirements/guides or discuss their options with an academic advisor. Number of credits may vary depending on the course selection. 

Schoolcraft program code # AE.00039
Download the Curriculum Guide (PDF)

Sample Plan

 First Year - Fall Semester 

Total Credits: 16 

First Year - Winter Semester 

Total Credits: 16

Second Year – Fall Semester 

Total Credits: 14 

Second Year - Winter Semester 

Total Credits: 14 


*Please check Schoolcraft General Education and transfer institution program requirements to determine course options.


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