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Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a type of need-based that allows you the opportunity to earn money while pursuing your education. To be considered for the work study program, you must have complete both a FAFSA and a 2021-22 Work Study Request. 

Applying for Work Study Employment

You can review the jobs database in Career Services to locate possible suitable on-campus positions. Many types of jobs are available on campus. You may work in the library, bookstore, facility and grounds, food service, computer lab, or as a receptionist or clerical worker in a business office.

A student employment specialist will then refer you to a department(s) and you will interview for the job just as you would for a regular position. Once you are hired, you will return to Career Services to complete the necessary hiring authorization forms required by the government.

Work Hours and Earnings

You will receive a paycheck from Schoolcraft College, but the actual money comes from the grant you received in your financial aid award package. Student Financial Services will determine your hourly rate of pay and the number of hours you may work per semester. The maximum number of hours that any student employee can work is 25 hours per week. Many students work less than 25 hours. Most departments try to provide a flexible work schedule. Federal and state income taxes are deducted from your check. FICA (Social Security and Medicare) tax is not withheld while you are attending classes.

Work Study does not mean you can study on the job. Having a Work Study award helps you stay focused on school instead of having to rush off to a job away from campus.

You do not have to have been awarded FWS to work on campus. However, because of budget considerations, some departments can afford to employ only students who have been awarded FWS. Career Services can assist you with the tools you need to explore other on-campus employment opportunities, too.

*Our primary source of communication is via your SCmail account. Be sure to monitor your SCmail and your Ocelot Access account regularly for any updates regarding your financial aid status.