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As you know, well‐educated and highly‐trained employees are critical to compete in today’s increasingly competitive global market. A skilled workforce can increase your company’s competitive edge through higher productivity and improved morale.
If your company is moving to or expanding in Michigan, you can receive financial assistance for the customized training of your new employees through the Michigan New Jobs Training Program. This unique economic incentive allows for businesses to partner with one of the state’s 28 community colleges, to develop a training program that produces the highly‐trained employees that can increase your competitive edge.

How the Michigan New Jobs Training Program Works

If a business is locating a facility or expanding operations in the state, the Michigan New Jobs Training Program can provide flexible funding to meet a variety of training and employee development needs for those new positions.

Funds to cover the costs of training are attained through community colleges issuing debt or self‐ funding. The debt is then repaid to the college through a diversion of withholding taxes generated by the wages earned by the new employees. In other words, training of new employees is essentially paid by dollars that would otherwise have been paid to the state for withholding taxes – no new additional dollars are expended to cover the costs of training. Businesses can gain a competitive edge through virtually cost‐free training of their new employees.

How to Get Started?

To begin the process and determine eligibility, employers should contact:

Eligible Employers 

If you are engaged in business and have employees in the State of Michigan, you may be eligible to take advantage of the Michigan New Jobs Training Program. Employers in Michigan may enter into an agreement under the program with a state community college district if they are creating new jobs in this state that: 

  • Are full‐time, in a new, existing or expanding business of the employer;
  • Are not jobs of recalled workers, replacement jobs, or any other job that existed in the employer’s business within the 1‐year period preceding the date of an agreement;
  • Are new jobs that pay at least 175 percent of the minimum wage, or $16.87 per hour;
  • Are new jobs that result in a net increase in employment in this state for the employer.

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