Market and Industry Research

Access market and industry data to improve business decisions that drive economic growth. Market research will help you understand where your audience and industry competitors are so you can effectively market your business.

Find local or federal government customers and how to connect with them and get past contract award information. We will assist you in developing your capability statement to target these identified potential customers.

Financial Guidance

Expand your company’s opportunities. We can help you understand the capital resources available to you. Whether you’re a potential or existing entrepreneur, we can guide you through the range of financing options to help you fund and grow your business. Our extensive experience in accounting and banking can benefit you in many ways, from preparing loan packages to analyzing financials and annual budgeting. Services are available at no-cost to business owners.

Bid Opportunities

Learn where to find government bid opportunities to expand your business. Get connected to bid notices from government agencies across the United States that match your product or service. Receive emails including listings of government opportunities.

Funding Sources for Training

Find funding options to support the training and development of your workforce:

Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNJTP)

If your company is moving to or expanding in Michigan, you can receive financial assistance for the customized training of your new employees through the Michigan New Jobs Training Program. This unique economic incentive allows for businesses to partner with one of the state’s 28 community colleges, to develop a training program that produces the highly-trained employees that can increase your competitive edge.

Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF)

Seek funding to support workforce training programs. The Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) provides competitive awards for employer responsive training that enhances talent, productivity and employment retention while increasing the quality and competitiveness of Michigan’s employers.


Expand and shape your future workforce through internships. Increase productivity, test-drive talent, and increase employee retention by hiring Schoolcraft College students as interns in your company. Opportunities are available in various careers and across industries.