Receiving Notifications

The Notifications feature contains four default modules: What’s New, To Do, Alerts, and Needs Attention.   

Notifications in the Blackboard Gateway

Students who are enrolled in multiple courses will receive information for all their classes and organizations on the Blackboard Gateway page. Students can navigate to individual items to take action as needed. 

Notifications in a Course Home Page

For all students, each course Home Page contains a Notification Dashboard specific to that course. The faculty for each course can customize the notifications that appear on that course Home Page as well as choose to have email notifications sent to the accounts of the students enrolled in that course.

Description of the Four Modules:

  • What's New: This displays a list of new items in all relevant courses and organizations. Students see new discussion board posts, new grades posted, and any new content that is available.
  • To Do: This displays the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant course work and tasks. Students see any grade items that have listed due dates in two categories, what is past due and what is due in the future. The links to relevant course items are available in this module.
  • Alerts: Displays past due and early warning notifications for all courses. Students see any assignments, tests, or other items that are past due and any early warning messages received.
  • Needs Attention: This displays all items in a course that require some type of student interaction.

Editing Notification Settings

While some Notification settings are set for the course by the faculty responsible for that course, students do have some freedom to customize certain settings as they see fit. Students can edit Notification settings by clicking on the Edit Notification Settings button available for all four modules.