Using Student Feedback to Inform Change Within a Community College Teacher Education Program's ePortfolio Initiative
25.2 Fall 2019


LabelFarrelly, Denise; Kaplin, Daniel;


The purpose of this mixed methods research study was to evaluate the impact of an ePortfolio initiative within a community college teacher preparation program in relation to its intended student learning outcomes and offer recommendation for further improvement. In this study, we sought to discover the extent to which the ePortfolio program served as a tool for the development of students’ technological skills, professional development, and overall growth, based on data collected from student surveys and interviews. The results of the study support the need for improvements to the ePortfolio program in order to enhance students’ sense of ownership and intrinsic motivation, as well as to promote self-reflection and cocurricular learning. Higher education leaders and faculty members can use the findings and recommendations from this study to develop ePortfolio practices in which autonomy and intrinsic motivation are valued, and social pedagogy is incorporated in order to best meet the needs of the students.

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