We're Here to Help

A crisis is a time of intense emotional difficulty, trouble, or danger. We help those experiencing an emotional/mental health crisis by providing immediate and short-term assistance. A student will meet with a licensed counselor who will listen to and assess their unique needs. Depending on the individual situation this can include recommendations to seek immediate assistance in an emergency room or nearby behavioral health facility. In less critical situations, students can be provided referrals for support services. Examples include: suicidal ideation, mental health decline, substance abuse, domestic violence, grief support, etc.

Our Student Support Specialist is a licensed counselor that is available to assist students in an emotional/mental health crisis, helping them to deescalate, feel safe and supported. Mental health community referrals are provided as needed.

In addition to crisis intervention work, this role also handles reports for concerning behaviors related to mental health and appeals for students with extenuating circumstances through the SC Aware reporting system.

Our Student Support Specialist can be contacted by calling Student Relations at 734-462-4486. The SC Aware reporting system can be found at www.schoolcraft.edu/scaware.