Student Confidentiality

Procedure Regarding Student Confidentiality in the Duplication Design Center

The following measures are taken to insure that classroom material is kept confidential from current DDC students enrolled in said classes:

  1. Students are required to advise the DDC supervisor of their class schedules, including the names of the instructors or professors.
  2. Students are informed that if they see a document from a class they are taking, they are IMMEDIATELY required to pass the document(s) to another DDC employee or to the supervisor for duplication.
  3. Instructors/professors with a DDC student employee in their class are encouraged to give their copy needs to the supervisor or a non-student staff member for duplications/designing. This has been a very effective way used in the past.
  4. Upon duplication/designing, confidential documents are placed in a sealed manila envelope with the instructor’s name on it and it is either placed for pick up or delivered to the appropriate office.