Accommodations Overview

  1. Accommodations are individually arranged through the Disability Support Services (DSS) office with the disability support services advocate. 
  2. DSS students are protected under 504/ADA from being identified with a disability therefore the DSS office provides an accommodation memo to students to present to faculty. With a student’s consent, an accommodation memo can be sent to a designated faculty member.
  3. Students must meet with their instructors and let them know what accommodations they want to use. Common accommodations requested are:
    • Testing: Indicate to the instructor to send the test to the Testing Center one week before the test date.
    • Recording Device: Bring to class and listen to recording after class, writing down important ideas.
    • Note Taker: Students can ask their instructor for assistance in finding a note taker.
    • Distraction Free Space or use of Read/Write software: Students will contact the Testing Center at least one week before the test to make arrangements.
    • Advance notice of in-class reading/writing.
    • Avoid unexpected classroom interaction.
  4. Accommodations are available for all future terms as long as the accommodations are directly tied to the current impact of the disability. (Updated documentation may be requested.)