Books on CD

For eligible students, books are available on CD. The CDs come with a download for Natural Reader, a text-to-speech software that will read the books aloud to students while allowing the student to read the text on the computer screen.

Procedures for using books on CD

  1. Students must meet with our Disability Support Services Advocate, to determine if a student is eligible for books on CD.
  2. Students that are eligible would then need to submit a list of their textbooks to Robert Cox in the Disability Support Services office. The list should include the title and edition of the book. He will then start the process of getting the book on CD. This process can take up to four weeks, depending upon how quickly the publisher responds to the request. It is essential that students begin the process of getting their books on CD as soon as possible to ensure that they have the book on CD available as early as possible for each semester.
  3. In some cases, it may be required for Schoolcraft College to cut and scan the student’s original copy of the textbook. If this is required, the textbook will be returned in a binder after scanning.  Students will not be able to return these books for refund.
  4. Once the CD is available, students will be contacted to pick up the book on CD. In order to get the book on CD, students must bring a copy of the original textbook that they have purchased, a copy of their receipt, and a copy of their course schedule. Students will NOT receive the book on CD without this information.
  5. Students MUST return the previous semester’s book(s) on CD before they will be able to get the next semester’s book(s) on CD. 

Any questions can be directed to the Disability Support Services office at 734-462-4330.