Health Insurance Requirements for F-1 Students

Health insurance is mandatory for all F-1 international students enrolled at Schoolcraft College. This requirement is indicated on your initial Form I-20. You are required to purchase and maintain health insurance that complies with the requirements set by the International Center at Schoolcraft College. 

Fall 2020 Changes

We are anticipating some major changes to our health insurance requirements starting this Fall 2020 semester. Once details are finalized, these changes will be communicated to you via your Schoolcraft email. Please continue to check your email regularly for updates. 

F-2 Dependents

Although it is not required, we highly recommend that F-2 dependents also enroll in a health insurance plan while in the United States. Medical expenses in the United States are very high. A visit to the emergency room or a stay in the hospital can cost thousands of dollars and a lack of adequate insurance coverage can be financially devastating. Therefore, it is very important to have insurance that covers medical expenses.