Until further notice:

  • Appointments will be provided via phone, in person, or over Zoom.
  • To set up an appointment call 734-462-4429 Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm or email internationaladvisor@schoolcraft.edu.
  • If you have an urgent immigration situation outside of business hours requiring contact with a DSO, you should contact Campus Police at 734-462-4424. They have our emergency contact information and will notify us of your situation so the appropriate response can be taken.
  • Please check the U.S. Department of StateU.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Study in the States web pages for specific port-of-entry screening processes, travel restrictions and other status guidance.

Schoolcraft College welcomes over 150 students from over 40 different countries. The International Center helps to ensure that your experience at Schoolcraft is rewarding and meaningful while also helping you maintain your visa status. We value our international students and believe that diversity benefits the greater campus community. We assist and support students in various matters including:

  • The Admissions Process
  • Immigration- Related Advising
  • Visa Compliance
  • International Student Orientation

To schedule an appointment with an international advisor please call the International Center at 734-462-7449 or 734-462-4429. For quick non-urgent questions you may email internationaladvisor@schoolcraft.edu. Additionally, please view our Frequently Asked Questions section to see if your concern is addressed there.