Given today's need for distance learning, remote access, and social distancing, Schoolcraft College has provided a means for students to utilize on-campus PC capabilities remotely from home or anywhere that has Internet service. This connectivity service allows students to utilize computer lab software and services for specific courses and course sections you are enrolled in, historically only available on campus.

Using this Connectivity Guide, faculty and students can connect to course specific software and powerful computing resources from their personal home PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, and even a smart phone. By following the instructions in the appropriate section(s) of this guide you will be able to install tools and use your compatible personal devices to connect to and access certain course required resources (as describe by your course instructor).

In addition, this guide provides information and recommendations with regard to the connection of certain USB Flash Drives that are compatible with this remote connection technology. Finally, some general guidance for connecting to a local printer is also provided.

Given the nature of personal computing and the wide variety and age of personal devices, Schoolcraft College cannot troubleshoot issues related to your personal computing device, to do so could potentially cause additional issues beyond Schoolcraft’s support capabilities. If you need technology support beyond what our Answer Center can provide, please contact the resources you would normally for support of your personal device (e.g., Best Buy Geek Squad, Microsoft or Apple tech support, or your favorite "tech whiz" relative). Schoolcraft College cannot guarantee your device will be able to utilize this service. The more up-to-date hardware and software you have will improve your likelihood of utilizing this service. In rare cases, successful use of this service may require device replacement to fulfill the requirement of up-to-date hardware.