Fall 2021 JumpStart! - Recordings

JumpStart! is a remote and in-person workshop series that reviews key math strategies to prepare you for your upcoming courses in math or related subjects. Recordings are auto-captioned through Ocelot Studio. Questions? lc@schoolcraft.edu.

JumpStart! Session Information

Session details follow the schedule. Webinar link to join session below. Click on session name to join session during scheduled time. 

Topics covered in each JumpStart! Session:

Reading in the Sciences
Recommended for all math and science courses
Topics covered:

  • Reading comprehension strategies for science courses

Math Survival Skills
Recommended for all math or related courses
Topics covered:

  • Math study skills
  • Homework strategies
  • Test-taking skills

JumpStart! Session 1
Recommended for MATH 045, ACCT 103 and 201
Topics covered:

  • Place value
  • Rounding
  • Whole number operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

JumpStart! Session 2
Recommended for MATH 047, 053, and 119, CHEM 051 and 104, PHYS 104 and 123, ECON 103, 201 and 202, ELECT 137 and 145, BMET 125
Topics covered:

  • Basic geometric skills: angles, area and perimeter of polygons, area and circumference of circles
  • Special triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem

JumpStart! Session 3
Recommended for MATH 047, PHYS 104 and 123, ECON 103, 201 and 202, and the CEPD Basic Math Refresher course
Topics covered:

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percent calculations
  • Order of operations

JumpStart! Session 4
Recommended for MATH 053 and 111, CHEM 051 and 104, ELECT 137 and 145, BMET 125
Topics covered:

  • Basic integer operations
  • Order of operations
  • Expressions
  • Linear equation solving

JumpStart! Session 5
Recommended for MATH 113, all CHEM, PHYS 123, 181 and 182, TEAS Test Prep
Topics covered:

  • Expressions
  • Linear equation solving
  • Graphing lines
  • Exponent rules
  • Factoring polynomials

Registration Not Required!

Students may attend via live-webinar within the listed times. Students will be required to sign in by providing their name, Student ID, and upcoming course at the beginning of the workshop.

Questions? 734-462-4436, lc@schoolcraft.edu