Course Level Assessment

Course level assessment measures the students’ performance on Course Competencies. This assessment is performed by individual faculty members within their own courses.  It can be formative assessment which is diagnostic in nature and helps to guide decisions about the instructional process as it unfolds. Course level assessment can also be summative, or assessment which is a final evaluation of learning.  

In addition to measuring performance on course competencies, course level assessment also can measure students’ performance of Core Abilities and program outcomes. Assessing the achievement of course competencies can identify how well students have mastered the specific skills, knowledge, or attitudes linked to a specific course.

Course Competencies

The course competencies found in the Common Syllabus are developed by faculty in each department. They identify what the student will be able to do after completing a course. Competencies are observable and measurable, and each one begins with an action verb from Bloom's Taxonomy Verb List