Institutional Level Assessment

Institutional Assessment at Schoolcraft College has been established through the identification of eight Core Abilities. The process of Institutional Assessment seeks to measure the level of student performance as related to the Core Abilities and explores ways in which the performance can be improved. This is the broadest level of assessment as required by the Higher Learning Commission for continued accreditation.

Core Abilities

Core Abilities are broad outcomes or skills that every graduate of Schoolcraft College with an Associate or Bachelor degree is expected to achieve. These skills are important in every area of learning and are the skills employers and other stakeholders indicate are essential in any work situation. These universal skills are transferable from one job to the next. Schoolcraft College requires candidates for all Associate and Bachelor degrees to demonstrate competency in the Core Abilities listed below. Core Abilities assessments utilize the same processes at both the Associate and Bachelor degree levels, with those at the Bachelor degree being evaluated at a higher level.

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Demonstrate Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Use Technology Effectively
  • Use Mathematics
  • Manage Information
  • Work Cooperatively
  • Act Responsibly
  • Demonstrate Social and Cultural Awareness

At least one of the Core Abilities is addressed and assessed in every course. Every Associate degree programs outlined in the catalog will have all eight Core Ability expectations integrated into the overall program design. The Core Abilities are assessed on a rotational basis across the institution. Various artifacts are collected and then assessed to determine which core abilities are achieved and how instruction can be improved across the institution.

Core Ability artifacts are evaluated using rubrics. Rubrics are tools that can be used to assess a level of skill or performance based on a specific set of criteria. A rubric identifies “what” the learner needs to do, and “how” to do it well. Using rubrics helps those conducting assessments to clearly  and reliably determine whether or not the performance indicators have been met. The rubrics listed below have been created by faculty members to aid in the assessment of the eight Schoolcraft College Core Abilities.

Core Ability Courses Rubric
Communicate Effectively Course List Rubric
Demonstrate Creative and Critical Thinking Course List Rubric
Use Technology Effectively Course List Rubric
Use Mathematics Course List Rubric
Manage Information Course List Rubric
Work Cooperatively Course List Rubric
Act Responsibly Course List Rubric
Demonstrate Social and Cultural Awareness Course List Rubric

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