Writing and Art Awards


  • September 2021 — March 2022
  • Deadline: April 4, 2022


  • Writing Contest: $250
  • Art Contest: $250

Contest Qualifications

  • The applicant must be enrolled at Schoolcraft College during Fall and/or Winter Semester of the current academic year
  • The applicant must select AT LEAST one Pageturners book read during Fall and/or Winter Semester-of the current academic year
  • The applicant must submit an original creative essay or an artwork inspired by a Pageturners book. The submission must be an original work; that is, it cannot have been submitted previously for class credit.

  • The applicant is allowed to submit one entry and in one category only
  • The applicant must complete and submit an application by April 4, 2022

Contest Guidelines

  • The applicant must select one Pageturners book and respond to it creatively in writing or in artwork
  • All writing and artwork must be original and pertain to the selected Pageturners book. The student’s signature on the application form is an acknowledgment of the originality of the work.
  • The student’s name should appear on the back side (not front) of the artwork along with the phone number. Please do not write on the front of the artwork.
  • The winners will have their writing and artwork featured on the Pageturners website.
  • The writing entry should be a creative essay of approximately 2000 words or less. The book review or summary will not be considered as valid entries.
  • The artwork entry should be one of the following: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, wood cuts, or diorama. The video art, film, jewelry, and photography will not be considered as valid entries. Entries must not be framed, under glass, or have a protective covering that is attached to the art.

How to Submit

NOTE: Pageturners reserves the right not to award a prize if no submitted work meets the contest standards. All entrants will be notified of the contest results by April 11, 2022