View the Schoolcraft College Police Department Policy Manual (PDF)

The Schoolcraft College Police Department is a community-oriented agency committed to delivering professional police services while providing a safe physical environment for the campus populations to engage in learning and community activities.  Comprehensive, best-practice policies help to ensure the highest levels of professionalism for our department. 

Recently, SCPD received preliminary certification through the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Use-of-Force Certification Program.  Outlined in Presidential Executive Order #13929 “Safe Policing for Safe Communities,” this certification mandates certain policies in order to qualify for Department of Justice funding.  Not only does SCPD have the two mandated policies on use of force and choke holds, but we also have all twelve of the discretionary policies, covering topics like duty to intervene, de-escalation, and no-knock warrants. 

The Schoolcraft College Police Department depends on the Schoolcraft College community's confidence and trust in completing our mission.  We believe one way to gain and maintain that trust is to be open and transparent about all of policies, which are available for viewing here.