Transfer Out of Schoolcraft for a Bachelor's Degree

Many students come to Schoolcraft College to complete college coursework before transferring to a four-year institution. We have teamed with nearly all of the private and public institutions in Michigan and created several different tools to make transferring much easier.

During the time of social distancing, many universities have phone and virtual advising events available. Check out our University Visits and Advising calendar or the admissions website of the transfer school you're interested in.

Learn More About Your Options for Transfer

Schoolcraft Academic Advisors are available for phone advising. Call 734-462-4429 for an appointment.

What's a Transfer Guide?

It's your roadmap to the courses needed for your major at the four-year institution you want to attend. 

Many colleges and universities create transfer guides to assist you in the transfer process. Of those schools that have guides, however, many do not offer guides for all majors. If you cannot find a transfer guide for your intended major or pathway or need more information, contact the academic department at the college where you plan to transfer or talk with your Schoolcraft College advisor. 

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) verifies that students have completed the general education courses needed for transfer.

Earn your Schoolcraft Associate Degree

Complete the first 60 credits of your college courses here before transferring and earn an Associate Degree from Schoolcraft College.

What are Articulation Agreements a.k.a. Special Transfer Agreements? 

They show how your coursework at Schoolcraft provides the foundation for a bachelor's degree. Schoolcraft College has signed over 40 articulation agreements (special transfer agreements), which allow students a clearer pathway to a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university. These agreements allow greater acceptance of programs and courses and help students maximize their time at Schoolcraft before transferring. Depending on the degree and institution, articulation agreements can be "2 +2" or "3 + l." In other words, two years taking core classes full-time at the community college and then two years full-time at the four-year school or three years at the community college and one year at the four-year school. But you can complete these plans at a pace that works best for you! 

Though most of the agreements are with four-year institutions in Michigan, Schoolcraft has some with out-of-state schools as well. Each agreement is unique and may include recommendations for coursework to be completed while enrolled in the associate degree program. Your academic advisor can help you determine which Schoolcraft courses transfer to a specific program based on the articulation agreement. Links to the college's website or a PDF file of the agreement are below.