Direct Deposit

It’s Convenient, Secure, Reliable and Confidential.

Direct deposit can be used for Financial Aid/Dropped Class refunds. 

Direct Deposit is safe, secure and confidential. With direct deposit, there is no threat of theft or potential for your check to get lost in the mail. If you choose direct deposit as your method of refund you will often receive you refund up to a week sooner than if you choose to have their refund mailed via check. 

  1. Log in to Ocelot Access
  2. Select 'Students'
  3. Under the heading 'Financial Information', select 'Bank Information'
  4. Enter requested banking information

You will receive an email confirmation when your financial aid payment/refund is deposited into your account. Direct deposit refunds are deposited on Fridays. Check refunds are mailed on Tuesdays.