Auditing a Class

Auditing a class is an option for students who wish to attend a class for which academic credit is usually issued without receiving credit or a grade.

To pursue an audit status a student must:

  • Work with the Registration Center to register and pay all tuition and fees for the class before the class begins.
    • Audits cannot be declared when registering online.
  • In the case of declaring an audit after the course starts, this must be done with the Registration Center no later than the last day for schedule adjustment for that specific course. 

Any student auditing a class may participate as a regularly enrolled student except that no credit or grade are earned by the student.  The student’s transcript will show “AUD” in place of a grade.  Once a student declares an audit, they will not be allowed to switch back to credit earning status after the last day for schedule adjustment for the course.  Tuition and fees associated with auditing a class cannot be paid using financial aid funds.