If you are experiencing a short term illness or emergency  that prevents you from completing an assignment or exam on time, it’s important that you alert your instructor right away.   Students are encouraged contact the instructor before the assignment deadline rather than after the deadline is passed.

Review your course syllabus carefully so that you understand your instructor’s policy with regard to the acceptance of, and grading of, any late work, missed assignments/assessments, or class related activities.  Each instructor may have a different policy.   There are some programs and courses that have special attendance requirements in addition to those set forth by the college.  Programs in Nursing, EMT, teaching and other licensure related fields may also limit the level of flexibility instructors can offer.

It’s also important to remember that there are some types of learning experiences for which make up opportunities may not be available, such as:

  • laboratory portions of classes ( for example: Chemistry, Biology, Welding).
  • online discussion boards that require participation within a certain  time period
  • in-class participation or activities
  • experiential situations in clinical settings, internships, externships, field experience, or onsite observation 

Students who are hospitalized or experiencing longer-term emergencies should contact the Student Relations office for assistance in determining if their instructors can issue incomplete grades. Student Relations can also discuss Extenuating Circumstance appeals with students.

Incomplete Grades

The incomplete “I” grade may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor, to students who, because of extenuating circumstances, have been unable to complete the course work within the regular College semesters/sessions.  The responsibility for completing a course rests with the student.  The “I” grade expiration date cannot exceed 15 weeks from the end of the original semester.  “I” grades for which the student does not complete the required course work will flip to a 0.0 grade on the expiration date.