Test Preparation

Don’t leave your college test scores to chance. Success in any situation requires preparation, and we can help! At Schoolcraft College you will learn test taking strategies that will increase your chances of improving your entrance exam test scores all in a low-stress, friendly, interactive learning environment with professionals guiding you every step of the way. Our test preparation classes are of the highest quality, convenient and most affordable classes around. In these classes students will receive:

  • Diagnostic testing and personal assessments
  • Remedial review
  • In-class problem solving, concepts and strategies
  • Practice test reinforcement
  • And more…

Don’t let test taking anxiety and lack of preparation hold you back. Classes fill quickly. Contact us for more information.

Test Preparation Class Offerings

What Our Students Have to Say

"The most valuable aspect of this class was that I got to practice a lot. It helped me gain speed and assurance." - John P., ACT student

"This class was very helpful for me. It made my anxiety about the TEAS test disappear." - Kaelyn K., TEAS Student