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Raising Butterflies in the Garden


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Do you want Monarchs, Giant Swallowtails, or American Lady butterflies in your landscape? Plant for them! Author, butterfly house founder, and local butterfly association president, Brenda Dziedzic, will share the necessary components of a Butterfly Garden. Discover how native plant species create biodiversity and attract these brilliant and fascinating insects. To ensure vegetarian or gluten-free meals call 734-462-4448 at least 7 business days prior to the event. A 1.5 hr. lunch is not included in the CEU total.

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Winter; 2022

 CES-7525917402Raising Butterflies04/01/2022 LEC Friday 11:30 AM-02:00 PM, Room VT 500A. 04/01/2022 LEC Friday 11:30 AM-02:00 PM, Room VT 500B. 04/01/2022 LEC Friday 11:30 AM-02:00 PM, Room VT 500C. 1 Week
04/01/22 - 04/01/22B. Dziedzic$43.00/ SA$34.400.10Open

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