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Competitive Edge Beginner: Ages 7+


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Register in child's name. Skills to be learned: tread water for five minutes; retrieve a ring in 9-12 feet with pike surface dive; one-and-a-half laps (75 yards) using the freestyle and backstroke with proper body position, body rotation, correct kick and arm rotation; one-and-a-half laps (75 yards) using the breaststroke with proper kicks, arms and coordination, breathing every other stroke; one lap (50 yards) using the butterfly with proper body undulation, correct arms and breathing every other stroke; and one elementary backstroke lap (50 yards); and perform proper starts and flip-turns. Bring goggles to class. For the instructor to recommend a student move to the next level, these skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Youth Swim Advanced: Ages 5+.

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Currently no sections of this class are being offered.

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