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Youth Swim Beginner: Ages 5+


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Register in child's name. Skills to be learned: tread water for thirty seconds; ten relaxed bobs; do unassisted front and back arrow, no arm/leg movement; able to flip from a front float to a back float unassisted; proper freestyle flutter kick with flotation device; body undulation for ten yards with flotation device; swim ten yards freestyle (whole stroke) with any kind of breathing; proper backstroke kick with flotation device; elementary backstroke as a survival stroke with flotation device; retrieve a ring from 4 1/2 feet with assistance to submerge if needed; jump into the deep end with flotation device. Bring goggles to class. For the instructor to recommend a student move to the next level, these skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Basic Swim for the Water Shy Youth: Ages 5+.

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Currently no sections of this class are being offered.

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