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Water Shy Swim for Students with Special Needs: Ages 5+


Course Description

Learn the basics of swimming and water safety. It's been shown that students with special needs who regularly swim gain a number of therapeutic and physical benefits including increased muscular strength, physical endurance, flexibility, an increase in self-control and even improved behavioral outcomes. Students will learn the basic skills of water safety, getting comfortable with the water, entering and exiting the pool, underwater breathing, floating, kicking, arm movement, retrieving an object from 4 ½ feet, and the basics of front crawl (freestyle). For the instructor to recommend a student move to the next level, these skills must be demonstrated. Note: students must be able to enter and exit the pool unassisted.

Course Schedule

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Fall; 2022

 CES2-9062948514Water Shy Special Needs09/11/2022 - 11/20/2022 LEC Sunday 10:10 AM-11:10 AM, Room PE POOL. 12/04/2022 LEC Sunday 10:10 AM-11:10 AM, Room PE POOL. 12 Wks
No class 11/27
09/11/22 - 12/04/22P. Poirier$135.00/ SA$135.000.00Open

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