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Catalog 2021-22

Catalog 2021-22

Medical Assisting Program AGS Degree

The medical assisting curriculum objective is to prepare competent, entry level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.  The program is designed to coordinate classroom and laboratory experience with practical experience in a healthcare facility such as the physician’s office. Medical assistants are multi-skilled allied health professionals who perform a wide range of roles in physicians’ offices, clinics and other healthcare settings. They are proficient in a multitude of clinical and administrative tasks and are widely viewed by doctors as vital members of the healthcare delivery team. Students are required to achieve a grade of 2.0 or better for all HIT and MA courses.

Academic and medical assisting courses must be completed by the end of the winter semester to be eligible for placement in the Office Practicum offered in the spring. The Office Practicum is an externship that is structured to provide experiences in applying knowledge, in performing administrative and clinical procedures and in developing professional attitudes for interacting with other professionals and consumers in a healthcare facility.  

Any student wishing to pursue an associate degree can apply all 35 credits from the Medical Assisting Certificate toward an Associate in General Studies (AGS) degree. Depending on the desired career path, discuss other options for an associate degree with an academic advisor.

“The Medical Assisting Program of Schoolcraft College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).” Graduates are eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination conducted by the certifying board of the American Association of Medical Assistants.  

This program requires a special admissions process. Contact the Admissions and Welcome Center at 734-462-4426 or to complete an application.  

Not all courses are offered each semester.  Students should work with an academic advisor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students planning to transfer should check the transfer institution’s requirements/guides or discuss their options with an academic advisor. Number of credits may vary depending on the course selection. Note: Students must begin MA 196 within six months of completing MA 175 & MA 180. 

For more information about accreditation please contact:
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)
9355 - 113th St. N, #7709
Seminole, FL 33775

Schoolcraft program code # AGS.00042
Download the Curriculum Guide (PDF)

Student Outcomes:
Over the last five years (2012-16) eighty-four percent (84%) of Medical Assistant graduates have obtained employment in the medical field.

Ninety-six percent (96%) of the responding surveyed employers (5 year average from 2012-2016) of Schoolcraft College Medical Assistant graduates are highly satisfied with the graduates’ ability to perform their duties and professional behavior.

Sample Plan

Admission Prerequisites

Total Credits: 8

First Year - Fall Semester

Total Credits: 15

First Year - Winter Semester

Total Credits: 15

First Year - Spring Session

Total Credits: 3

Second Year - Fall Semester

  • Humanities - Select General Education Humanities course** - Credits: 3
  • Mathematics - Select General Education Mathematics course** - Credits: 3
  • Science - Select General Education Science course** - Credits: 3
  • Social Science - Select General Education Social Science course** - Credits: 3

Total Credits:12

Second Year - Winter Semester

  • Humanities - Select General Education Humanities course** - Credits: 1
  • Social Science - Select General Education Social Science course** - Credits: 3
  • Elective - Select course supportive of occupational and academic goals - Credits: 3

Total Credits: 7

Program Total: 60 Credits

*Courses open only to students who are officially admitted to the Medical Assisting Program.

**Please check Schoolcraft General Education requirements to determine course options.

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