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Catalog 2021-22

Catalog 2021-22

General Education Requirements and Core Abilities

General Education

General education requirements address the knowledge, intellectual concepts and attitudes associated with being an educated and well-rounded person. These courses are a required part of any associate degree or bachelor’s degree offered at any college or university. Students must take the minimum courses that meet Schoolcraft’s General Education requirements. In addition to those courses that are identified as general education, Schoolcraft College also offers numerous courses in dozens of subject areas, including liberal arts, sciences and specific occupational areas. As a part of a quality initiative, Schoolcraft’s liberal arts courses are used to assess students’ general education preparation.

Core Abilities

Colleges, universities and employers want students who possess abilities that go beyond a particular discipline, including the ability to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate creative and critical thinking
  • Use technology effectively
  • Use mathematics
  • Manage information
  • Work cooperatively
  • Act responsibly
  • Demonstrate social and cultural awareness

At Schoolcraft College, the core abilities are developed in all occupational and liberal arts courses. Our associate degree programs are designed to ensure that students who graduate have mastered these eight core ability expectations. An on-going quality assurance process is used to ensure that Schoolcraft’s courses and programs will develop a student’s competencies in the core abilities. This quality assurance process meets not only the students’ needs, but also those of our accrediting body, The Higher Learning Commission.

Education Plan Requirements
Earning Schoolcraft Associate Degree Meet Degree Major, General Education and
Core Abilities Requirements
Earning Schoolcraft Associate Degree
and transferring to four-year institution
Combine Degree Major, General Education,
Core Abilities and MTA Requirements
Take classes without earning a degree to
transfer to four-year institution
Meet MTA and Transfer Guide Requirements

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