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Catalog 2021-22

Catalog 2021-22

Physical Education: Movement Science

The Movement Science program is designed to begin preparing students for the work and challenges facing the kinesiology professional. Academic preparation in kinesiology provides the foundation for a wide range of careers in fields that are projected to grow, including, but not limited to, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, fitness manager, worksite wellness coordinator, physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, athletic trainer, and group exercise instructor. The Movement Science programs meet the needs of both students seeking career training programs leading to an industry-accepted credential (e.g., personal trainer or group exercise instructor), and those seeking transfer to a four-year institution.

Students will gain an understanding of the principles of exercise physiology and motor development and have the opportunity to apply that knowledge to fitness assessment and exercise techniques. The entrepreneurial aspects of fitness careers will also be explored.  

What’s the difference between the 1-year certificate and the Associate Degree?

The Movement Science program was created to offer students “stacked” credentials. What this means is that students can complete the 1-year certificate and stop there, heading into the workforce. If the students want to continue at that point, they will have already completed eight of the 18 required courses for the Associate Degree – every class in the 1-Year Certificate counts toward the Associate Degree. Classes are scheduled so that students can complete their programs in a timely fashion. The Associate Degree will provide students with additional job opportunities and prepare them to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Here’s a quick comparison of the 1-Year Certificate and the Associate Degree:

1-Year Certificate Associate Degree
8 courses 18 courses
Can be completed in 2 semesters Can be completed in 2 years, with Spring/Summer classes
24 credits 60-63 credits
No internship Internship in professional setting required
Prepares student for professional certification tests and entry level jobs in fitness centers, recreational facilities, etc. Prepares student for professional certification tests and professional jobs in fitness centers, recreational facilities, etc.
Provides the foundation for the Associate Degree Provides the foundation for transfer to a four-year institution

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