Student Rights and Responsibilities

Appeals Procedure for Academic Matters

Students may appeal academic decisions regarding a grade or other actions resulting from their academic performance. Students must follow the proper steps in the appeal process, observing the time limits for completion of various steps in the process as follows:

Step I

Students must seek to resolve academic matters informally with the instructor within ten working days of the occurrence, or issuance of a grade. During the spring/summer session(s), when an instructor may not be available, students may proceed to Step II after a reasonable effort is made to communicate with the instructor.

Step II

If the academic issue is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, a formal complaint may be made by completing an online Academic Appeal/Instructional Complaint form on our website at The Academic Appeal/Instructional Complaint must be filed within 10 working days of receiving the instructor's decision.

The administrator will review the complaint, investigate the facts, and send a written decision to the student within ten working days. Certain circumstances may make it impossible to respond within the 10-day time limit. If both the student and the administrator agree, the time limit may be extended; otherwise a decision will be made on available facts. This decision is final and concludes the appeal process.