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Course Description

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Music - MUSIC 247

Piano Teaching Techniques and Materials 1

3 Credit Hours
3 Lecture Hours

Course Description

This course explores the relationship between childhood development and beginning piano study. The content and structure of a beginning piano student's preparation will be examined. This introductory level course emphasizes techniques and methods for teaching the beginning piano student, including the following topics: developing a professional piano studio, setting up a small business, understanding laws and ethics of music teaching, elementary methods and materials, repertoire, supplemental materials and functional skills and knowledge of professional organizations. This course requires all students must meet the requirements of a criminal background check.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • Consent of department.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Create a teaching philosophy.
  • Explain early childhood development as it relates to early piano study.
  • Identify appropriate beginning piano materials for individual students.
  • Demonstrate appropriate sequencing of beginning piano materials.
  • Explain appropriate musicianship skills for the beginning student.
  • Integrate these appropriate musicianship skills into a beginning student's piano lesson program.
  • Explain how to prepare beginning piano students for recitals.
  • Explain how to prepare beginning piano students for state and national testing programs.
  • Outline a personal professional plan for operating a private teaching studio.
  • Identify appropriate pedagogical texts and reference books for a professional library.

Course Schedule

Currently no sections of this class are being offered.

Key: Day of the Week

  • T = Tuesday
  • R = Thursday
  • S = Saturday
  • X = Sunday