Schoolcraft College Going PRO Apprenticeship Readiness Program (SC-GAP)

SC-GAP will attract new people into the industry by providing incentives to begin education and training in professional trades such as machining/CNC, electronics, welding, mechatronics/multi-skilled technology, robotics, and quality assurance and by providing a clear pathway to meaningful employment. SC-GAP will develop a comprehensive student recruitment process to ensure candidates with strong potential for academic and employment success are enrolled in the program, while meeting our goal of 30 Pre-Apprentices.  This program was generously funded through the state of Michigan's Going PRO Apprenticeship Readiness Initiative, which awarded 11 grants totaling $1.8 million to colleges and organizations around the state.

Developed with industry input, SC-GAP courses are essential foundational first steps for successful employment. These credit courses directly apply to programs leading to academic certifications. Additionally, CAB102 - Student Success and Career Development, is designed to maximize student potential for success in college and the workplace.

SC-GAP courses:

  • CAB 102* Student Success and Career Development
  • MATH 102 Technical Mathematics
  • OSH 111 Occupational Safety and Health for General Industry or OSH 112 Occupational Safety and Health for Construction
  • Elective (choose one course from list below)"
    • CAD 103 Engineering Graphics
    • ELECT 131 Basic Measurement and Reporting Skills
    • MET 103 Introduction to Materials Science
    • MFG 102 Basic Machining Processes
    • PLAST 130 Introduction to Plastic Materials
    • WELD 110 Introduction to Welding Basics

Total credit hours: 11

More information for Employers (PDF)

More information for Students (PDF)

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Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP)

The Industrial Readiness Certificate Program was developed to provide relevant soft and technical skills training. Our goal is to develop skilled manufacturing and industrial maintenance workforce to meet immediate employer requirements. The courses may be taken individually. The program includes the following courses:

  1. Shop Arithmetic
  2. Machine Tool Blueprint Reading
  3. Trade Related Preparation

Ford Employees IRCP Registration Details (PDF)

Pre-Apprenticeship Industrial Readiness Program

This program provides students with the foundational skills for a career in manufacturing or skilled trades, or to begin an apprenticeship. Successful completion demonstrates an aptitude for specialized training and prepares participants for a professional trade’s career. The program includes the following courses:

  1. Shop Arithmetic
  2. Machine Tool Blueprint Reading
  3. Trade Related Preparation
  4. OSHA 10

Pre-Apprenticeship Industrial Readiness Registration Details

Sample Apprenticeship Curriculum

Schoolcraft College’s Apprenticeship Coordinator will work with the appropriate company representative to customize any training plan to meet the needs of the company. Sample Apprenticeships include:

  1. General Apprenticeship Curriculum
  2. Electronics
  3. Machining
  4. Mechatronics
  5. Tool & Die
  6. Welding

Apprenticeship Forms

The following forms are required for Apprentices attending Schoolcraft College: