Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard FAQ: Assignments

How do I access my interactive rubric for grading an assignment?

Open up the assignment you wish to grade. Next, on the right hand side of the page, notice a light blue box with the word Attempt in it and a place for a grade. At the bottom of that box there is a tiny down arrow. Click on that arrow and the box will expand to show the rubric. Finally, open the rubric by clicking the title of it. You may grade directly from the interactive rubric which will appear directly below. 

I have created an assignment, how do I add it to the Grade Center?

Once an assignment is created, a column is automatically created for the assignment in the Grade Center. There is no need to create an item in the Grade Center for the assignments.

How do I attach a file to my assignment?

From the Create Assignment page, scroll down to Section No. 2, Assignment Files, and click the Browse My Computer button. Locate the file you wish to add and click the Open button. Select the submit button once you have finished creating your assignment. The attached file will now be available to students when they go to view or complete the assignment.

Why would I want to keep my assignment from being visible?

If you are not finished creating your assignment, or if you have already created it for the future, you may choose to delay the accessibility of your assignment.

How do I download all the attached files related to one assignment?

Enter the Grade Center and click on the action link next to the assignment name, and click on "Assignment File Download". On the following page, check the box next to the user's name, or you can check all users at the top of the screen.  Click Submit when finished, and on the following page, click the "Download assignments now" link.  All files you have selected have now been downloaded in a zip file to the location you specified.

There is a different process for downloading all SafeAssign submissions. Learn how to download all files submitted to a SafeAssignment.

Can assignments be added to other locations besides Assessments?

Yes. Assignments can be created in any Content Area within Blackboard.

Do all assignments have to be included in the Grade Center calculations?

No, you can specify that certain assignments are not used in Grade Center calculations. To do this, you enter the Grade Center, click on the action link next to the assignment name, and click on "Edit Column Information". Scroll down to Section No. 3, Options, and select "No" for "Include item in Grade Center score calculations".