Blackboard FAQ: Extra Credit Assignments

I have given a 10-point extra credit assignment. I do not want it to be included in the total points possible, but I want it to be added to each student's point total. How can this be done?

The best way to add an extra credit assignment which not all students may complete would be to add a column in your Blackboard Grade Center and assign the score of 0 points to it. The added Extra Credit column then manually needs to be added to the Total. By default, the Grade Center excludes from the Total any column that is set to be worth 0 points.

Please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to add an Extra Credit column to the Grade Center: Adding an Extra Credit Column in the Grade Center.

I followed the steps to include an extra credit column in the Grade Center, but I get an error when I try to save the change.

This is most likely occurring because of too many columns in the "Selected Columns box (steps 9 and 10 of the instructions for Adding an Extra Credit Column in the Grade Center). The manual selection process works with a maximum of 28-30 columns. To solve the problem, first assign each of the assignments to a category, and then select the categories in steps 9 and 10 instead of the individual assignments. Note that the extra credit columns should still be selected individually, not assigned to a category.

Please follow these steps for Creating Categories. Then, modify each column to select a category. Alternatively, several columns can be assigned to a category at a time by following these steps: Assigning Multiple Columns to a Category.

Is there a way to include extra credit in weighted total calculations?

Unfortunately, Blackboard calculates weighted grades as a ratio of weighted points earned, to weighted points possible. Extra credit points would be added to the weighted points earned, but divided by the weighted points possible. Extra credit points thus must be manually added to the final percentage score, or valued in relation to the weighted points possible. The former method is considerably simpler than that latter.

For example, some faculty using weighted grading choose to offer extra credit opportunities as a 1% increase to their final score. Thus, a student who earned 89% could receive a 90%. In this case, it is best to create a column for the final grade and manually type the adjusted final grade into it.

Another example is to award points based on the weighted total points possible, which can be determined by clicking on a student score in the weighted column. The Points Possible will display in the information bar above the Grade Center. If the weighted Points Possible is 55 points, an increase of 1% would be .55 points. Then, the extra credit can be added according to the appropriate ratio.