Editing Personal Information

Personal Information in Blackboard includes the student’s name, address, phone number, and other contact information. Privacy Options may be used to set who can see the student’s Personal Information.


Accessing Personal Information

  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. On Blackboard’s portal page, in the Tools box, click Personal Information.

Edit Personal Information

  1. Once on the Personal Information page, click Edit Personal Information.
  2. Information that can be added or changed includes the student’s education information, home country, personal website, and a few phone/fax numbers.
  3. Once finished, click Submit.

Set Privacy Options

  1. Once on the Personal Information page, click Set Privacy Options.
  2. Privacy settings can be enabled for the student’s email address, home address (by default this is on, but blank), work information, and additional Personal Information that may have been previously entered.
  3. A student may choose to opt out from being listed in the User Directory.
  4. A student may choose to not allow other student’s to email them through Blackboard.
  5. A student may choose to opt out from being displayed in the Roster.
  6. Once satisfied with their choice of Privacy Options, click Submit.

*Some features controlled by these settings may be disabled by Schoolcraft College.