Your profile in Blackboard lets you show your faculty, classmates, and employers what you have accomplished in your classes, projects, internships, work experiences, and volunteering/community service. In your Blackboard profile, you decide what you want to share, including a photo, your academic interests, your skills and projects, and more. Profiles are stored in the Blackboard cloud, not at Schoolcraft, so you can keep your profile through your academic and professional life.

Once you have created your profile, your profile will be available throughout Blackboard, such as on your Discussion Board posts or within your Groups. This will help you and your classmates get to know one another and form a community.

Student Profiles

Accessing Your Profile

The first time you log into Blackboard, you will see a notice about the new profiles. You can click that notice to begin creating your profile. You can also access your profile to set it up or edit it at a later date.

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. Open the global navigation menu (click your name at the top of Blackboard)
  3. Click the empty profile image (or the existing image you added to your profile) 

Creating Your Profile for the First Time

The first time you access your profile, you will need to take some extra steps to set it up.

  1. Read and accept the terms of service agreement by clicking the Checkbox, then click the Agree button
  2. Enter a primary address that you will always have access to and click the Submit button
  3. Select the appropriate option to set up or import your MyEdu profile, based on whether you already have a MyEdu account
  4. Complete your personal and academic information on the Let's get started! page

    For new accounts, you will need to provide: first and last name, university you are attending, degree and major you are interested in, anticipated graduation date, and email address
  5. Set your preferred Privacy Setting. You will need to select My Institution for your faculty or classmates to see your profile

Learn more about building your profile.