Creating / Editing a Wiki Page

Blackboard’s Wiki tool provides a collaborative space within a course where students can view, contribute, and edit content, as well as comment on their classmates’ content.  Blackboard Wikis are created by faculty, and, once created students can add pages or comment on other Wiki pages.  

Note: When adding to a wiki there is a limit of 200,000 characters per entry.  While this may seem like a lot, you can quickly reach that if pasting from Word and keeping the formatting, or including pictures and graphics.  You will receive an error if your content exceeds the limit.

To avoid problems, type your content directly into the wiki or copy/paste plain text.  If you need to include pictures, make sure you scale the images for the wiki and use a format that reduces its size such as jpeg.  Use a graphics program for image scaling.  If your image is more than 200k on disk, it will not be usable in a wiki.

Also, comments to a wiki are limited to 2,000 characters each.

Creating a Wiki Page

Wiki #1

  1. Navigate to your course Home Page.
  2. From the Course Menu click Tools, and then click Wikis on the adjacent page.
  3. Select the desired Wiki.
  4. Click Create Wiki Page.
  5. Provide a name and enter content in the text editor.
  6. Click Submit to finish your work.

Editing Wiki Content

Wiki #2

  1. Click the Wiki link you would like to edit.
  2. Click Edit Wiki Content.
  3. Make your edits in the text editor.
  4. Click Submit to save your work.

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