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An overhead view of a table containing a laptop and various accessories like notepad, phone, glasses, and pens and pencils

Critical to the success of the college identity is adherence to a standard color palette. With today’s increase in print production processes and more mainstreamed digital applications, it is important to select the appropriate color formula to ensure accurate reproduction. In addition, we urge you to use colors that meet the requirements for ADA compliance as many colors do not provide best contrast or transition to mobile devices precisely. The table below provides specifications in the most recognized color systems:

A rectangle colored a deep blue
A rectangle colored a deep orange referred to as gold
Spot Colors Coated: Pantone 295
Uncoated: Pantone 295
Coated: Pantone 131
Uncoated: Pantone 124
Process Colors (CMYK) CMYK (Coated): 100 69 8 54
CMYK (Uncoated): 100 69 8 54
CMYK (Coated): 2 39 100 10
CMYK (Uncoated): 2 30 98 8
Digital Screen Colors (RGB) RGB: 0 40 85
Hex: #002855
RGB: 204 138 0
Hex: #CC8A00

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