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At Schoolcraft, service marks are differentiated from logos. This section describes these differences and offers guidance on the creation and use of service marks.

Logo vs. Service Mark

The college has an official logo. College departments and offices are not allowed to have their own distinct logos that contain the department or office name. Instead, rules have been developed that allow for a department or office name to be visually associated with the college logo using a specific typeface. There are exceptions to the rule prohibiting departmental or office logos.

Although departments are not allowed to have their own logos, they are allowed to create visual identities for the services, activities and events that they offer to the campus and the community. These visual identities are known as service marks. A service mark might be a visual treatment of type only, or it might be a combination of type and illustration. Examples include the service marks for Kids on Campus, the Schoolcraft International Institute, and Pageturners.

A blue colored service mark containing the college logo and bell tower icon with a department name below it in type

Suggestions Regarding Service Marks

Service marks are not controlled by the Marketing Department in the same manner that usage of the college logo is controlled. Departments and offices can create their own service marks. However, the following guidelines are provided to protect the integrity of the college logo and to help departments make decisions about service marks:

  • A service mark should not incorporate the college logo or any part of the logo into its design. Logo guidelines call for the elements of the logo to be presented together and for the logo itself to be surrounded by sufficient clear space. Putting all or part of the college logo into a service mark violates these guidelines.
  • Departments and offices should take care to create a quality design. Graphics software has made it easy for anyone to create visual designs. And it is tempting to assume that some type of visual mark is better than none. But a poorly designed mark can do more harm than good. Before creating a service mark, staff should consider if they have access to the resources necessary to create a quality design.
  • Departments and offices should be selective in the creation of service marks. Before creating a new service mark, staff should ask these questions: Do we really need a service mark? Do we want to be locked in to this design for the long run? Some events or activities happen infrequently or might have a short life span. It might not make sense to create a service mark for these. Other activities are ongoing and would benefit from a service mark.

Review Process for Service Marks

The Marketing Department will not create service marks for departments and offices. The Department does, however, review new service marks. This review has two purposes. One is to ensure that the college logo is not being used in the mark. The other is to offer the department suggestions on how to make the mark as effective as it can be.

New service marks should be submitted to Marketing for review. Submissions should be in an electronic format (jpg, eps, tif or PDF files acceptable) and sent to Marketing will review the service mark and provide input within 7 working days.

Service Mark Downloads

Service Mark - SC Radcliff Center - blue - PMS 295PNG27.38 KB Download
Service Mark - SC Radcliff Center - whitePNG24.92 KB Download
Service Mark - SC Radcliff Center - 2color-coated - PMS 295 and 131PNG32.09 KB Download
Service Mark - SC Radcliff Center - blackPNG27.38 KB Download

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