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An overhead view of a table containing a laptop and various accessories like notepad, phone, glasses, and pens and pencils


Stationery is a primary means of establishing the Schoolcraft image at a personal level. Standards for college stationery are set by the Marketing Department. Orders for notepads, generic or departmental letterhead, notecards and envelopes should be placed with the Purchasing Department, ext. 5353.

A form for ordering business cards is located in the Business & Finance folder on the Forms (V) drive. Print the completed form, and send to Purchasing with the appropriate signatures and account number. See the following page for business card guidelines.

Special-use stationery may be created with the assistance of the Marketing Department. In no case should additional copy or art be added to the college’s standard design.

Electronic Stationery

A Word document has been created using the generic college stationery that allows users to craft documents on electronic stationery for documents that are sent electronically.

In no instance should this format be printed and used as regular stationery as it would lack the required paper and color quality. This document is located in the Marketing folder on the Forms (V) drive.

Personal Business Cards

Business cards are divided into three sections. The top section is the identifier, the middle section includes the mailing address and main college website, and the bottom section includes contact information.

Screencap of a business card example with the circular College seal on the left side and contact information text on the right side

Business cards may contain the following employee information:

  • Name
  • Academic and professional credentials, qualifications and affiliations
  • Title
  • Department or office
  • Schoolcraft College office telephone
  • Schoolcraft College office fax
  • Schoolcraft College email

Each line is allotted a character count including spaces. The top section can include 3 lines of type.

  • The first line should be your proper name; maximum 28 characters. If space allows you may add your degree/credentials.
  • The next line should be your job title; maximum 36 characters.
  • The third line should be your department name; maximum 36 characters. This line is optional if your job title has the department name in it.
  • Option: if you will not be using the department line, you may use the second line for credentials that will not fit on the first line. In this case the third line will be your job title.

All business cards must adhere to the following style standards:

  • No courtesy titles (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Professor)
  • Use working titles (i.e., Secretary or Administrative Assistant, not Administrative Assistant II; Bookstore Assistant, not Bookstore Assistant B; Professor, Mathematics; Adjunct Faculty, English)
  • Credentials and affiliations may follow after one’s name if space allows.
  • List the highest degree earned without preceding degrees. Use degree designations without periods (MS, MA, MFA, MBA, EdD, PhD, JD, etc.).
  • Use affiliations and credentials without periods (APR, CPA, CPP, etc.)
  • Use only descriptors that are relevant to one’s employment at Schoolcraft College (i.e., no military ranks, unrelated professional credentials, etc.)
  • Only Schoolcraft College-related information such as mailing address, email, and web addresses may appear on business cards, with the exception of telephone numbers. Campus office telephone number(s) must appear first, although cellular phone or pager numbers may appear as secondary contact numbers. Personal contact information should be included on syllabi or other course-specific information distributed to students.

Departmental Business Cards

Departments may order business cards for the office. The name of the department appears in the name field instead of an individual’s name.

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