Technology in Practice Guidelines

Technology in Practice submissions should be fair, objective, accurate, and sensitive. The following guidelines were developed to assist in writing your submission.

  1. Consider the CCE’s readership.
    • College faculty and administrators
    • General readers who are computer literate, but not “techies”
  2. Provide a general description of the educational technology practice, theory, trend, philosophy, or software/hardware you are evaluating, explaining its purpose, noting its intended practitioners, and identifying those who may benefit from its implementation.
  3. When reviewing instructional practices, theories, trends, or philosophies, examine the following:
    • Context—What is the basis of its emergence or popularity?
    • Purpose—What does it seek to improve?
    • Application—What does (or should) it look like in practice?
    • Evaluation—What were (or may be) the benefits and drawbacks to implementation?
  4. When reviewing software or hardware, examine the following:
    • Context—What does the technology do (from a technical standpoint)? What are the minimum system requirements for implementation?
    • Purpose—What process or practice does the technology seek to improve?
    • Application—What results, positive or negative, did (or might) you encounter with the technology? Was there a learning curve?
    • Evaluation—How well has the technology performed to its specifications? What was the level of support necessary and/or available from the vendor?
  5. Conclude with a summary statement of your assessment in terms of overall effectiveness or potential.


  • Double space the manuscript.
  • Reviews should be between 1000 – 1500 words in length.
  • Please send the manuscript via email as an attached .doc file.
  • With the review, please send the name of the author, title, affiliation, email, and postal addresses.

The editors may make grammatical and stylistic changes and will forward page proofs for author review prior to publication.

Please direct submission questions to:

Adam Authier, Ed.S.
Technology in Practice Editor