Dementia Care

Schoolcraft College and the Alzheimer’s Association have launched a Dementia Care Certificate program to address the growing demand for professionals with expertise in dementia care. Classes are interactive and provide practical skills which can be applied in the workplace or home setting immediately.

To qualify for a Dementia Care Certificate, participants must successfully complete five required classes and two elective classes totaling 16–19 hours of coursework. It is strongly recommended that Fundamentals of Dementia Care be taken first. 

For those pursuing all five required classes in one term, we recommend enrolling in CES 4342 Dementia Care Series, which is a cost savings.

Required Classes for Certificate

• Fundamentals of Dementia Care
• Making Meaningful Connections
• Making the Most of Mealtime
• Understanding Safe and Unsafe Wandering
• Combating Caregiver Stress

Dementia Care Class Offerings

Frequently Asked Questions