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International Agenda Announces Writing, Art Winners

May 18, 2020

“International Agenda,” which is the official magazine of the Schoolcraft College International Institute (SCII), has announced the winners of its semiannual writing and art contest. The purpose of these contests is to encourage students to grapple with international and cross-cultural issues and then to create relevant and publishable writing and artwork.

This year’s winners are: 


First prize ($250) to Sungho Lee for his essay, “Break the Limit,” which is about the challenges of coming to the U.S. and to Schoolcraft College from South Korea. He is studying Business.

Mentor: Professor Christa Fichtenberg (English as a Second Language)

Second prize ($150) to Michael N. Stasevich for his research paper, “Charles de Gaulle: The Life of a Leader.” He is working toward an Associate Degree in Fine Arts.

Mentor: Professor Anita Süess Kaushik (World Languages)


First prize ($250) to Clarisa Russenberger for her mixed-media work celebrating global unity amid diversity, “United: We Are One.” She also is working toward an Associate Degree in Fine Arts.

Second prize ($150) to Danyel McFadden for “Drinking Water,” her graphic depiction of the global problem of water contamination. She is majoring in Computer Graphics Technology: 3D and Video Graphics.

Mentor: Professor Mike Mehall (Computer Graphics Technology)

“Despite the challenges involved with instruction having moved off-campus, our call drew a robust response of 23 student entries, all of them submitted in the face of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Professor Randy Schwartz, a member of the selection committee “There were 11 entries in the writing category and 12 entries in artwork.”

The works are scheduled to be published in the Fall issue of “International Agenda.”

Special thanks to Dr. Cheryl Hawkins, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, who generously provides funds for this contest.

Other members of the selection committee, which is downsized for now due to the pandemic, were Professor Candace MacGillivery (Sociology), Professor Diane O’Connell (Geography) and Ione Skaggs (Graphic Designer).