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Faculty Forum Announces Teaching, Service Winners

May 22, 2020

The Faculty Forum, which represents faculty (full-time and adjunct), librarians and advisors at Schoolcraft College, recently celebrated its awards reception with a virtual program. 

Formally named the 9th Annual Faculty Forum Teaching Excellence and Service Award, the winners were:

  • Teaching Excellence: Heidi Brendel (Nursing)
  • Teaching Excellence: April Harden (English)
  • Forum Service: Wayne Pricer (Library)

Nearly 80 nominations were received, and about half of those were from nursing faculty. One full-time faculty member and one part-time faculty member are recognized.

“I really enjoyed reading each of the nominations that were submitted for these magnificent faculty,” said Brad Stetson, math professor and Faculty Forum vice president who announced the teaching awards. “On a personal level, reading through these nominations helped to remind me that we really do have an incredible faculty body here at Schoolcraft.”

You can view more information about Schoolcraft College Faculty Forum here.