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Instructor wins Teacher of the Year Honor

September 08, 2020

Janine Scott Janine Scott is one of those “hidden gems” at Schoolcraft College whose contributions are often out of the spotlight, but do so much to help students succeed.

Specifically, she helps with the College’s JumpStart! workshops for mathematics, providing two-hour seminars for students to prepare them for their upcoming math courses. That’s just the start, though. Throughout the semester, Scott also hosts various study strategies for mathematics workshops that include support with using a calculator, tackling story problems and strategies for taking timed exams in math classes.

Then during final exams review, she supports during four-hour sessions to help students prepare for MATH 045/047 finals.

All of that is a pretty full plate for anyone. But like many of our instructors, Scott lives what she teaches at Schoolcraft College. In her case, it’s as a mathematics teacher at Davis Aerospace Technical High School in Detroit, where she was recently recognized as Region 10 Teacher of the Year by the Michigan Department of Education.

“One of the reasons that I love Schoolcraft so much is because teaching here allows me to do what I love to do, which is teach mathematics to an audience that is open to learning,” Scott said.  “I was also able to see one of my former high school students who attends Schoolcraft and watched how Schoolcraft helped him blossom into the person I always knew he could be.”

Scott brings real-world perspective from another career as well.

“My original degree is in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, and I worked in corporate America for more than 13 years before I became a teacher,” she said. “But teaching is what I had always wanted to do (since first grade or so), so when the opportunity opened up, I decided to take it.”

Scott started working at Schoolcraft College in 2010, teaching in the popular Kids on Campus program during the summer.

“Teaching the KOC program allows me to reach a very diverse set of students and I love the fact that younger students get to come to a college campus to experience this program,” she said.

Sharon Christian, Assistant Director of Learning Support Services, appreciates Scott’s devotion and talent.

“Janine hosts sessions that are personalized to student needs, and makes learning math adventurous and fun,” she said. “We really appreciate her dedication and efforts toward student success, and we’re grateful for her strong support with our math workshops in the Learning Support Services.”

Scott said coming to Schoolcraft College has been a great fit.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunities that Schoolcraft has provided me during my teaching career,” she said. “I have always felt welcomed, respected and valued by my co-workers, students and supervisors. Schoolcraft is excellent at making folks feel as though they belong, no matter their position or level in the college. It is ingrained in the Schoolcraft culture, and I appreciate that.”