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The Difference Between Advisors and Counselors

October 12, 2020

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Today we’ll learn about the difference between advisors and counselors. Each provides important student support, but in different ways.

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are experts who provide students with academic, career and transfer support. In other words, they can help you define your goals, identify appropriate majors to reach that goal and create an academic path for each step.

Academic Advising

Your Schoolcraft Academic Advisor is trained to know about all the majors and degrees available at Schoolcraft. In addition, they can recommend the best courses to take whether you’re earning a degree from us to help you get a job (occupational degree) or which courses to take if you’re interested in transferring out to a four-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Career Advising

As you began your Schoolcraft experience, you probably selected a major or program of study on the admissions application, but weren’t quite sure if it was right for you. Academic Advisors can help assess and define your choice through career advising and recommending courses that provide an overview of the major. 

Transfer Advising

The most popular “major” at Schoolcraft College is transferring to a four-year college. Academic Advisors know all about Schoolcraft College’s special transfer agreements with four-year colleges as well as interpreting transfer guides and the Michigan Transfer Agreement. All things done for transfer is housed under the “Schoolcraft to U” web page. Visit the Schoolcraft to U™ and the Michigan Transfer Agreement web page to learn more.

How to get in touch with an Academic Advisor

Appointments are handled remotely as well as limited in-person options. Please call 734-462-4429 (option 4) to schedule an appointment. Academic Advisors also meet with students without an appointment every Wednesday for “Remote Drop-In Wednesdays.” You also can send an email to and someone will get back to you shortly.


Counselors are people you can make an appointment with if you’re experiencing emotional or mental health concerns. Schoolcraft College has two Licensed Professional Counselors on staff available to assist students.

Typically, when a student meets with a counselor, they will listen to and assess their unique needs and provided recommendations for further care if needed. Examples include any mental/emotional health concerns, substance abuse, domestic violence and grief support.

If the student is in a crisis, the counselor can assist the student in getting immediate care through their community partnerships.

In addition to their crisis and non-crisis intervention work, they also handle reports for concerning behaviors related to mental health and appeals for students with extenuating circumstances through the SC Aware reporting system.

How to get in touch with a counselor

To make an appointment with a counselor, please call Student Relations at 734-462-4486 or use the SC Aware reporting system which can be found at