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A Message from Dr. Glenn Cerny

January 12, 2021

As we begin the Winter 2021 semester at Schoolcraft College, we do so with heavy hearts following the terrible violence and attacks at the U.S. Capitol. I join other leaders across the country in condemning what was a deeply disturbing affront to our country’s peaceful, civilized way of effecting change.  As we move forward, the message of one of the College’s core values is especially relevant:

  • We are committed to having a positive intellectual, social, and economic impact on the communities we serve.

Please know that Schoolcraft College pledges to continue to be a positive force for our students, employees, and citizens we serve.

For students affected by these recent actions, please contact Student Relations at 734-462-4486. We have two Licensed Professional Counselors on staff to assist.

Dr. Glenn Cerny

President, Schoolcraft College