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Schoolcraft, Eastern Michigan Give Futures for Frontliners a Boost

February 25, 2021

The path from Schoolcraft College to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Eastern Michigan University just got a little easier for some students.

That’s because the two schools now have an agreement in place so that Futures for Frontliners students who complete their associate degree at Schoolcraft College can receive scholarships at Eastern Michigan.

Futures for Frontliners is a state scholarship for Michiganders without college degrees who worked in essential industries from April through June 2020. The state-funded scholarship provides these frontline workers with tuition-free access to Michigan community colleges.

EMU will offer two scholarship opportunities:

  • Schoolcraft College Frontliners graduates who enroll at EMU and are Pell Grant-eligible will receive an EMU Frontliner Scholarship to cover the remaining tuition balance. A Pell Grant plus the EMU Frontliner Scholarship = free tuition. The scholarship will cover 12 credits of tuition for five consecutive semesters of enrollment at EMU.
  • Schoolcraft College Frontliners graduates who enroll at EMU and are NOT Pell eligible will receive an EMU Frontliner scholarship of $5,000 that will be split into increments of $1,250 for each of four consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment at 12 or more credit hours per semester.

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